Gallery Tour / Gallery Walk

Sunday, September 22 . 12:00 Presentation inside the exhibition, presenting work, artists presenting their contributions. IMAC main gallery

Opening / Inauguración

TERRITORIUM | TIJUANAParticipating is the Skyjacking Collective (Berlin) and invited artists: Ana Andrade, Miguel Buenrostro, Kate Clark + Sara Velas, … More

Gallery Tour / Gallery Walk

Territorium |Tijuana. Gallery Tour / Guided visitThursday, August 1, 19:00 Guided visit of the exhibition with the Skyjacking Collective and … More

Pepe Mogt live at Nett Nett

Wednesday, August 21 9pm – 00:30am PEPE MOGT presents QUADRIPOINT live with visuals by Ernesto Aello and musical selection by … More

Absent Present, Angelika Levi

Wednesday, August 21 19:00 Sala Audiovisual Ruben Vizcaíno, Antiguo Palacio Municipal IMAC – Calle 2a y Av. Constitución, Zona Centro, … More

Borderland Noise Fest

Borderlandnoise Fest / Programa Territorium Tijuana Sábado 31 de agosto de 2019, Casa de la Cultura Playas de Tijuana IMAC … More