The Nancys – Performing script, a scenic research / Workshop, Angelika Levi + Nancy Torres Geoninatti

Friday, August 23    – Sunday, August 25

The 4 day workshop is based on a transcript of audio-recordings, told by Nan and Nancy, two Argentinean asbestos cleaners. Together with other Latin American women they cleaned for the asbestos company „BRANCH“ in the completely sealed zone of Ground Zero in Manhattan, New York from September 2001 until April 2002.
We are inviting artists, writers, students, migrants, activists- all gender, to read the texts together, to perform them and to film, photograph, re-write or theorize these actions, archiving knowledge, developing relations of geography. We are shifting the center to the margin, from Ground Zero in 2001 to the Mexican-US Border in 2019, creating multilayered images and sounds of the women’s experiences through a collective experiment. Tools will be the body, the voice, camera, sound, cleaning equipment, overalls, tapes plastic gloves, masks, rags, vacuum cleaners, coverings. The Workshop space will be the IMAC Playas site. We plan to go out to border landscapes and into urban spaces.