Opening / Inauguración

Participating is the Skyjacking Collective (Berlin) and invited artists: Ana Andrade, Miguel Buenrostro, Kate Clark + Sara Velas, Cognate Collective, Sofia Dona, Dirk Fleischmann, Margarita Garcia, Lisa Glauer, Maria Iorio, Raphael Cuomo, Siraj Izhar, Siren Eun Young Jung, Sangdon Kim, Birgit von der Lauer, Caspar Pauli, Jan Lemitz, Angelika Levi and Mario Rizzi.

Organized by the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture, IMAC, TERRITORIUM : TIJUANA opens at the end of July. The exhibition links artistic and political practices through a series of curated meetings, workshops, performances, projections and conferences. Focused on the nexus of the border region between Mexico and the United States, the impacts of the contemporary border show spatial implications throughout the city. The project will bring together the ongoing work of a wide range of artistic practices in a transitory preliminary constellation.

# 130 Anniverario de Tijuana

Galería de la Ciudad IMAC
Antiguo Palacio Municipal
Calle Segunda y Av. Constitución, Zona Centro