Borderland Noise Fest

Borderlandnoise Fest / Programa Territorium Tijuana

Sábado 31 de agosto de 2019, Casa de la Cultura Playas de Tijuana IMAC

Borderlandnoise Fest is a curated experimental and electronic music festival that not only brings together regional artists from Mexico and USA, but also non for profit organizations, activists  and pacificists dedicated to alleviating the current global humanitarian crisis that border cities are currently facing, especially in the Tijuana-San Diego border region. Nett Nett, a cultural production agency located in Tijuana, Mexico, together with, a cultural events producer and multi-tenant platform based in Los Ángeles, California are joining forces with other local and visiting organizations to create an experience where people from different walks of life can get together to not only enjoy an exquisite lineup of music, but also to get to know each other and grow together as a community. 

With the help of Borderline Crisis Help Center and their network, Gujarat Vidyapith (University founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920), Living Theatre, IMAC Tijuana and others, BorderlandNoise Fest will take place within a two month long program and international artist exhibition focused on urban spaces that arise from contemporary border political contexts. Territorium-Tijuana, the exhibition curated by Jan Lemitz of Berlin-based Skyjacking Collective functions both as a networking mechanism and dialogue space that gives room to various artists, researchers and communities that dive deep into the development and documentation of actions that create awareness of issues important to border regions around the globe.  

The festival programming begins at 12pm at IMAC Playas de Tijuana with a community open-mic formatted meeting organized by Ora World Mandala, an extension program of the Gujarat Vidyapith University, where people are invited to voice their concerns and visions they have in relation to their community, all in the search for creative solutions to non-violence and education. Attendees of this action are invited to join the festival free of charge, in the hopes that participation and, not money is the driving force behind this communal moment of coexistence and celebration. 

Music and open workshops kick start the next portion of the program at 2pm and will be complemented with local-regional food and beverage businesses-projects who find value and benefit from having a brand presence in a vibrant environment with a socially conscious, musically selective, diverse demographic in the Baja California region. 

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