Ana Andrade

LAST NIGHT AT PLAYAS DE TIJUANA As an attempt to develop a new way of representing the environment Ana Andrade … More

Miguel Buenrostro

Death and Life of a Portal During 2017 – 2018 Miguel began an extensive research project that explores Tijuana’s urban … More

Sofia Dona

SOFIA DONA LA PUERTA DE LAS CALIFORNIAS (TIJUANA-SAN DIEGO, 2017) Three channel video installation For the project ‘La puerta de … More

Dirk Fleischmann

Made in North Korea (Kaesong Industrial Complex), 2010 / 2019
The Made in North Korea collection was designed by Dirk Fleischmann … More

Margarita Garcia

Re/flecting the Border My work explores economic, social and migratory phenomenon, seeking to open dialogue through the methodologies of installation … More

Lisa Glauer

„I became absorbed by a hot and all consuming love affair with linomonster last March and I am not entirely … More

Maria Iorio + Raphael Cuomo

Appunti del passaggio Appunti del passaggio reconstructs forgotten episodes related to migration from Italy to Switzerland in the 1960s, which was … More

Siraj Izhar

Siraj Izhar is an artist, activist and organiser with a practice based in autonomous spaces and informal networks. He could … More

Siren Eun Young Jung

Narrow Sorrow, Dongducheon, 2007 . 2009 I record people who actually exist but who do not. I bring to awake … More

Sangdon Kim

Dongducheon is a small city with 88,000 population in the land of 96㎢. Located halfway between the capital city Seoul … More

Jan Lemitz

Jan Lemitz is currently based between Duisburg and Berlin. He graduated from the MA in Research Architecture at Goldsmiths College, … More

Angelika Levi

PERFORMING SCRIPTS The film project “The Nancys” is based on a 5-hour-sound recording in Spanish language with Nan and Nancy, … More

Kali Malone

Kali Malone (1994) is an American composer based in Stockholm, Sweden since 2012. Her solo works implement unique tuning systems … More

Nika Milano

Nika Milano is an audiovisual artist based in Mexico City. Using obsolete media and analog synthesis, she creates utopical visual … More

Mario Rizzi

Limina HD film on Digital Betacam, 23 min, 2008  Courtesy Mario Rizzi & Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, the Netherlands My film … More

Mael Vizcarra

Mael Vizcarra is a filmmaker and anthropologist from Tijuana, Mexico. She has a doctorate in Visual Anthropology from the Institute … More